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Life at Boone Ridge Retirement Community is designed for seniors searching for an extraordinary lifestyle.  Nestled in the beautiful city of Salem, Oregon with sweeping views of the Cascade mountains and the Willamette Valley.  Come, indulge yourself in your favorite hobbies and activities, or simply relax and unwind, because at Boone Ridge the choice is always yours.

Amenities that rival a 5-Star resort

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Imagine if you will…

Starting your day off with a swim in your beautiful swimming pool.  Pop up to your bistro and enjoy your favorite coffee drink.  Then it’s time for the most important meal of the day, so stop by The Restaurant on the Ridge for a delicious and wholesome breakfast.  Catch one of your favorite movies in your grand movie theatre and be sure not to forget the popcorn, soft drink and your favorite candy, all on the house.  Next up is your bowling league teams practice in your in-house bowling alley.  Then it’s time to meet up with some friends at your Mountain View Sports and Wine Bar for happy Hour.  Order your favorite drink while soaking in the sweeping views of the Cascades and Willamette Valley.  Then finish off the day back at The Restaurant on the Ridge for your favorite meal and afterwards cozy up with a good book in your library…Life Lived Extraordinary.

Independent living can improve your life

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Different about Boone Ridge Retirement?

What truly sets Boone Ridge Retirement Community apart from the rest is our extraordinary, dedicated team working together tirelessly to exceed your expectations.  They bring to life the inspiring, thriving, and vibrant living experience available for all of our residents.  And you will find our meticulous attention to detail evident in every aspect of our community from the exquisite architecture to the unparalleled amenities, and beautiful grounds.

What are the food options like?

Seniors are more interested and savvier about what makes up a delicious and healthy meal than ever before.

At Boone Ridge Retirement Community we have risen to this expectation by introducing a true restaurant dining experience for our residents.  The Restaurant on the Ridge is open from 7:00 am until 7:00 pm, with over 65 delicious and wholesome meals to choose from on our menu every day.  We do all the meal planning, we take care of all the shopping, we handle all the preparation and cooking of each delicious meal, and we clean the mess up afterwards.  Leaving you to truly enjoy a care-free delicious, extraordinary dining experience.

What Type of Activities and Fun Can I Expect?

Seniors often choose an independent living community because they feel increasingly isolated in their own homes.  Some Seniors may be having challenges driving, while others find that health concerns are keeping them at home.

This is an important reason to consider Boone Ridge Retirement Community.  The CDC says regular activity benefits senior adults in many ways.  Physical activity helps to maintain strength.  This can decrease the risk of falls.  It reduces the risk of heart disease, diabetes, cancer and so many other benefits.  It also can improve mental well-being.  At Boone Ridge Retirement Community we offer multiple daily opportunities for you to stay active right here at home in our extraordinary community.

Can I Bring My Own Car?

Absolutely!  Many independent living residents bring their own cars when they move in.

At Boone Ridge Retirement Community we offer scheduled transportation services for all of our residents to the local places they need to be.  From Dr. Appointments, to shopping trips, a trip to an exciting adventure to some place special, or a relaxing afternoon scenic drive.  You can let our professional drivers deal with the traffic while you enjoy the ride.

Can I Bring My Pet?

For so many of us, home just wouldn’t be home without our four-legged family members.  

At Boone Ridge Retirement Community we have created spaces that celebrate our fury family friends.  Like our Pet Spa Room where you can pamper Fido with a warm bath, trim up his hair, maybe trim his nails too and finish with a blow dry.  Outside areas to walk and play, inside areas to pamper, your pet will be glad you chose to move to Boone Ridge Retirement Community.

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