Considering if Independent Living is Right for You?  

Let’s explore this question together.

Independent retirement communities improve your life in seen and unseen ways with benefits such as greater social interaction, maintenance-free living, better nutrition, and even peace of mind for yourself and your loved ones.   

Here are some top benefits of living in an independent community.

Freedom to live a Maintenance-Free Lifestyle

One of the most sought-after perks of independent living is the freedom from the responsibilities associated with homeownership.  Upkeep can be very time consuming, expensive and drain us of our energies, so the opportunity to live without having to mow the lawn, fix the roof, clean the house, or take out the trash, can be a real dream come true.

At Boone Ridge Retirement Community we allow you to escape from the daily chores and offer you something with tremendous value in return: Time & Energy.  With the extra time and energy, you would usually spend on home maintenance related task, you are free to invest your life into the things you love to do.  Explore learning a new hobby, making new friends, spending more time with family, and living an extraordinary life.

Housekeeping and Maintenance service teams are ready at Boone Ridge Retirement Community to handle the day-to-day chores and repairs, so you can focus on spending each new day as you like.

Maximize Value for Your Money

When making your selection for independent housing, The American Seniors Housing Association reminds seniors it isn’t always about the cost of housing alone and be certain to consider the overall value of everything provided along with the housing.  In addition to rent or a mortgage, staying at home includes cost like repairs, upkeep, utilities, taxes.  Seniors living in their own home also have additional auto, insurance, shopping, and entertainment cost to name a few.

At Boone Ridge Retirement Community our residents say they have a hard time believing everything that is included in your month-to-month rent.  And all of the amenities add up to provide a lot of value for seniors.  Take control of your month-to-month expenses today and move-in to Boone Ridge Retirement Community where everything is included, and you don’t have to worry about managing multiple bills and cost.

Delicious and Wholesome Foods

One of the biggest concerns as people age is centered around getting good nutrition, good food quality, and good food quantity.  Good nutrition is especially important as we age, and educating yourself can be confusing and time consuming with all the conflicting information out there.  It takes a lot of time and energy to create a good menu for the week, do all the shopping, prepare three balanced meals each day, and then clean up the mess made from the whole process.

At Boone Ridge Retirement Community we solve this challenge by introducing a true restaurant dining experience for our residents.  The Restaurant on the Ridge is open from 7:00 am until 7:00 pm, with over 65 delicious and wholesome meals to choose from on our menu every day.  We do all the meal planning, we take care of all the shopping, we handle all the preparation and cooking of each delicious meal, and we clean the mess up afterwards.  Leaving you to truly enjoy a care-free delicious, extraordinary dining experience.

Increased Activity Levels

As you age living in our own home, you may find yourself not being as active as you use to be.  If you want to be involved in certain events, or activities you have to get out and drive to participate.  You may be avoiding certain physical activities due to worrying about injuries, or it may just take too much effort to get there.  

This is an important reason to consider Boone Ridge Retirement Community.  The CDC says regular activity benefits senior adults in many ways.  Physical activity helps to maintain strength.  This can decrease the risk of falls.  It reduces the risk of heart disease, diabetes, cancer and so many other benefits.  It also can improve mental well-being.  At Boone Ridge Retirement Community we offer multiple daily opportunities for you to stay active right here at home in our extraordinary community.

Improved Social Engagement and New Friendships

Another great reason to choose an independent retirement community is for improved social interaction.  According to a study done by AARP, community living fills the need for seniors to be around their peers and find new thriving relationships.  

It only makes sense when you make Boone Ridge Retirement Community your home, you become surrounded by people in the same phase of their journey and encourages new friendships.  Add to this our team of employees who are dedicated to planning fun and engaging activities every day and you find your life being lived extraordinarily.

It may also improve family relationships.  Even when they’re grown, seniors want the best for their children.  Many seniors find that living in an independent living community helps them to enjoy life without putting the burden of caregiving on their loved ones.  Instead, it allows them to spend quality time together without focusing on the caregiving needs.