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Hello, Salem. It’s nice to see you again.

We are a fully independent living community with top notch amenities right next door to Boone Ridge Senior Living.

Independent Living

We strive to provide a community that allows for the utmost independence with activities and amenities that will rival a 5 star resort.


Committed to our residents.


Dedicated to the community.


A member of the neighborhood.


Employee Support.


Here to serve.


From the brand new sports bar with views of the Willamette Valley, to the bowling alley on the main floor, to the movie theatre, there will be no shortage of amenities at Boone Ridge Retirement Community.

Community Driven

Our goal is to join the existing community at Boone Ridge and continue to be the best possible neighbor, caregiver and resident of Salem.

We strive to contribute in a meaningful way to everyone we meet. That includes the people of Salem, the neighbors of Boone Ridge and anyone who needs a place to call home.

State of the Art Comfort

Boone Ridge Retirement Community is built from the ground up with your needs in mind. From the room layouts, to the views to the parking, it will be the most luxurious independent community in the area.

Boone Ridge Retirement Community

We’re different! Here’s why.



We take joy in what we do.



We define ourselves by our positive, can-do mindset.



We believe character determines outcome. It’s who we are, not what we do.



We know we can do anything if we collaborate. Synergy is our way of life.



We have seen that honesty is freedom. We seek to live transparent lives. This is how we build trust.



We believe we will get out of life what we put into it. We hold nothing back.

” Whether I am working with residents, staff, vendors, share-holders, or trying to broker a truce between one of my eight children I see us all as family. Family means we are committed to one another and treat each other with dignity, respect, and transparency. Looking to continually improve and strive to reach higher standards of achievement or service is the premise in which we operate. We all have been created beautifully unique and have different needs and dreams. This is the unique challenge of working with many precious individuals. At Mosaic we are committed to providing an environment where all the people we serve are embraced for their uniqueness and diversity. “


-Doug Sproul

President, Mosaic Management


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Boone Ridge Retirement

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